What our patients are saying...
" I went to CIPLA for labs and testing and im scheduled for surgery. I decided to go with Dr. Rafael Torres. He is awesome and im confident I will get the results I want!"
- Mommy Makeover via realself.com
" Hello ladies! I'm 24 years old,I'm a mother of a beautiful 2 year old princess and I'm separated from my husband. I was born in Santo Domingo and raised in Brooklyn NY. After my pregnancy my body just looks terrible! I'm very unhappy with myself and I don't plan to have any more kids. I want to feel happy and confident with myself. I will be traveling to the Dominican Republic with my mom and daughter for the whole month of July. I'm currently at 200lbs 5'8, I need to go down to 180 by 7/3 which is when I'll see DR Rafael Torres Acosta. 2 years ago he performed surgery to my mom (tt, breast lift and lipo) he did an awsome job! And she still looks great!."
- Sxypam via realself.com
" I will be three months post soon and I must say my body keeps improving and I'm loving the changes everyday. My stomach is flat. I wore a tank top ruled in my jeans for the first time in over 11 years and wanted to cry lol, you just don't understand the joy being comfortable in your clothes brings."
- LovelyHill via realself.com
" Well I am almost 2 months post op in a couple of days, recovery has not been easy but it still was worth it! I am loving my results. I am so thankful for Dr. Torres. He is an excellent surgeon."
- Mommy Makeover via realself.com
"I found the best plastic surgeon in the Dominican Republic, Dr. Rafael Torres Acosta, a noble, responsible human being with a high degree of aesthetic knowledge, inspired me confidence from the moment I met him. In his office, his assistant Suahil treated me with lots of love and all the people in CIPLA too, I am very satisfied and happy with the results of my surgery 6 months ago, the recovery was very fast, without risks and under excellent medical supervision, Thanks Dr Torres I have the body of my dreams !!"
- Ana M. -Santo Domingo, D.N.